One of My Mama’s Best Friends

My Mama always said Addie May

was one of her best friends.

Mama always looked forward

to the prompt knock at her door

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

She and Addie May talked,

mostly about my sisters and me.

or rather my Mama talked

and Addie May cleaned,

did laundry and dishes,

ironed and cooked.

My Mama trusted her too look

after us when we were little

so Mama could get

some shopping

done. Or a lot.

She gladly paid Addie Mae the thirty dollars

a week and even loaned her a little

when the son got in trouble with the police

over nothing, according to both women.

My Mama was devastated

when Addie May got cancer.

She even went to visit her once in the hospital.

Said she didn’t know what she would do

without Addie May.

Ruby comes three times a week now.

My Mama says she is just one of her best friends.

Janet Taliaferro