February Posts

Since the novel will probably not be out for several months, I am determined to fill the time and this space with posts I hope you will find of interest. Some will be commentary, some essay and some poetry.

This is Black History Month so I am going to begin with posting from time to time during February and the following months the contents of my chapbook White on Black. It is a collection of twenty poem growing out of my experience as an activist in the 1960 Civil Rights Movement and succeeding years.

They are expressly written for what I have jokingly call “half-woke” white folks. The poems spring from my own experience and in a few cases, the experience of friends as told to me. The Introduction goes into some detail about how this experience came about. Instead of posting it first, I am going to begin with the poems in the rather chronological order in which they are arranged in the book.

The chapbook is not yet available on Amazon with my other works in digital publication, but if you find the poems useful and enlightening in even a small way, please invite interested friends to visit the website to read them. You are free to repost so long as you include my name. Enjoy!