I spent the first fifty years of my life trying not to be a writer and the next thirty-five trying to get published.

About Janet

A life of activism is the inspiration for my writing. My novels, short stories, and poetry reflect the years I spent fighting for civil rights and women’s health as well as managing political campaigns. The experiences I had and the courageous women and men I met became the raw material for character; their dilemmas helped me outline plots and there was always romance!

These passions kept me from exploring a literary career which had begun with producing scripts for local Children’s Television. Finally, when I took over a family business, and had free evenings, I returned to school and began to write seriously.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, I also hold a Master‘s Degree in Creative Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma, where I received the Geoffrey Bocca Memorial Award for graduate writing. Several of my short stories and poems have won various literary awards.


Featured Literary Works

Virgin Hall

Women coming of age in the 1950s

​Sheila O’Connor, Brooklyn born and convent educated, leaves the East Coast for her freshman year at college at Southern Methodist University. Her three suite mates are familiar with this new alien world, but none of them is prepared for the challenges Shelia will face. Her secrets will affect all of them before the year is out and continue to echo as the women meet for a 30th reunion.



Short Stories Inspired by Urban Living

A collection of short stories set in different urban landscapes. The stories deal with everything from day-to-day challenges to life-changing situations. Most of the stories have a twist in the plot.